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Am I to busy for new clients?

October 31, 20202 min read

“I am concerned that I had to tell a client, a repeat client, that I could not see them right away because I was so busy” She said, “What should I have done?”

This is a common theme among my clients. They have a great product or service and because of that and their hustle their business is growing. Sometimes exponentially and at a rate where they can barely hold on. I get this with clients that have just emerged from the startup phase or maybe even rebuilding their brand and they range in size from a few to many employees already.

So why is this problem so prevalent and what exactly to do about it?

The reason is positive momentum of a positive movement. This applies to almost everything in the universe. As we begin action each new client or customer is difficult and hard work but as we begin to gain business through our positive action there comes with it a momentum that does not just affect direct line growth (we become more comfortable with the process) but each of those positive touches have a residual “spread “to them

Like with a rock thrown into a pond the first splash is powerful but the ripples each have a power themselves and spread farther away and for someone to recognize you all you need to do is touch the right person with a light feather of a ripple.

So back to the challenge at hand. Now that those ripples have caused a Tsunami of business how do I manage and what do I tell this good client.

First, this client. Quality service is important but waiting can have the effect of creating value if done correctly and authentically. Having to wait a little bit for a great product or service makes sense to most all of us right? Quality takes time and everyone wants the best so you would expect a line. Where we get frustrated is where that wait is excessive, repetitive, or we are left in this abyss with no information.

As you grow and this happens (and it will!) let them know a few things

1) Exactly how long you believe the wait to be. (Be honest with yourself here, do not give them a time that makes them happy now but you may very well miss)

2) Let them know what, if anything, they can do in the meantime to speed up their time when they get to see you

3) Thank them and let them know your excitement about hteir question / project not the stress you are under now!

4) Do not make it a habit

As far as how do you scale from here to hire he right people to help you delegate non-essential YOU tasks? Hire on values, have a process, be organized, have a budget, have a vision.

How you get all that. Give me a call and I can help!

Make it a GREAT week,


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Brad Borkuis

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